Uber: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Since its inception, the popular ride sharing service Uber has been struggling against the burdensome set of regulations governing taxi services. In essence, government enforces a taxi monopoly by making it ridiculously expensive for anyone to break into the industry. This limits the supply of taxis while keeping prices nice and high for incumbents. Everyone was happy except the people who had to put up with poor service, long wait times, and high prices.

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WH: Army Ebola policy not needed for civilians

The Army’s decision to quarantine soldiers returning from West Africa is related to logistical concerns, meaning that the same protocols would not be appropriate for civilian doctors traveling back to the United States from the region, the White House said Tuesday.

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Lucy DeCoutere becomes 8th woman to make Jian Ghomeshi sexual abuse claims

  • Jian Ghomeshi was fired from his CBC radio show Q on Sunday amid sexual assault allegations
  • Since he was fired, four more women have come forward to detail dates with Ghomeshi that turned violent 
  • Actress Lucy DeCoutere is one of the total eight women who claim to have been physically or verbally abused by the former radio host
  • Ghomeshi is allegedly fighting his firing, saying he was only let go because executives found out about his BDSM lifestyle

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Israeli police kill suspected Palestinian shooter

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police have shot and killed a Palestinian man suspected of a brazen assassination attempt of a hard-line Jewish activist in Jerusalem.

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Kaci Hickcox Threatens To Sue Maine Authorities Over Ebola Quarantine Order

Oslo Journal, Part IV

Editor’s Note: Last week, the Oslo Freedom Forum took place. OFF is the annual human-rights gathering in the Norwegian capital. The first three parts of Jay Nordlinger’s journal are at the following links: I, II, and III.

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As the US & UK Flags are Lowered in Afghanistan, What’s Next?

Home » Guest Columns » As the US & UK Flags are Lowered in Afghanistan, What’s Next?

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Intel panel chairman: ISIS directive to Australian recruits fueled DHS security boost

Millennials have been hit the hardest by ObamaCare’s insurance premium increases, new study says

Young people who have, under the threat of a punitive tax, purchased health insurance coverage on the individual market have seen their premiums skyrocket under ObamaCare. While premiums have increased substantially for everyone, a new study shows that millennials have seen larger increases than their older counterparts:

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Planned Parenthood Encourages Voting Against Babies – with Kids

Abortion giant tries new tactic.

For a “women’s health” organization, Planned Parenthood doesn’t think too highly of women. We can’t be trusted to take responsibility for our sex lives, or even to get ourselves to the polls Nov. 2. The abortion giant wants to know our plan for voting, and suggests we go with someone else, like girlfriends going to the ladies room on a double date. 

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With one week to go, Republicans’ confidence builds

The final week in a two-year war for control of the Senate is going down to the wire, with Republicans confident they’ll net at least the six seats they need to gain a majority during President Obama’s final two years in office.

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BREAKING NEWS: RAF jets ‘intercepting Latvian cargo plane’ cause huge sonic boom over Kent

  • Typhoons were scrambled from RAF Coningsby as part of the Quick Reaction Alert System
  • They escorted a Latvian-registered private plane into Stansted Airport
  • Sound was reported across a 50-mile radius of Kent and West Sussex

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