GOP lawmakers fight plan to bring more illegal immigrant children to military bases

The Government Can Legally Read Your Old Emails— Here’s How to Stop Them

Did you know that the government can legally read your emails that are older than 180 days without a warrant?

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Cruz charges flight ban tantamount to economic boycott of Israel

Obama pledges justice in visit to Dutch embassy

President Barack Obama says Americans were heartbroken by the loss of so many citizens of the Netherlands in the downed Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down in Ukraine.

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South Dakota Libertarian Party hopes to prove relevance

The Libertarian Party in South Dakota is planning a state convention next month, with hopes of showing it is as relevant as the Democratic Party.

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US believes Russia provided separatists with missile that shot down airliner

Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Export-Import Bank

Republicans talk a good game about small government and conservatism. Republicans who are serious about their conservative credentials should understand that these credentials must extend beyond the traditional talking points of cutting taxes and spending. Shrinking government requires that politicians end corporate welfare, a somewhat new territory for a party that is often perceived to be the party of the rich. To be consistent, Republicans must also oppose handouts for those who need them least.

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New York Times story prompted Clinton to question CIA’s info on bin Laden, according to newly released memo

Black Conservatives to Counter NAACP Conference in Las Vegas With Liberty Event

By Katie Pavlich/

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Dollars for Obama library roll in from NY, Chicago

The first major donations to President Barack Obama’s presidential library are rolling in from New York and Chicago, two cities that are competing vigorously to host the future library.

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Capitol Hill Update, 14 July, 2014

Capitol Hill Update 14 July, 2014

House & Senate/Schedule: Both chambers remain in session through the end of July, after which they will take their long August recess.

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FreedomWorks and Glenn Beck to Outline Next Steps to Defeat Common Core LIVE in Theaters Nationwide

WHAT: FreedomWorks and Glenn Beck will host a live, interactive night of action against Common Core in local theaters across the nation. “We Will Not Conform” is not an event- it’s a strategy session. Viewers will act as participants, engaging with education experts to craft a comprehensive plan to defeat Common Core in real-time.

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