Holder calls police shootings ‘act of barbarism’

Published December 20, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder is condemning the shooting deaths of two New York City police officers as senseless and an “unspeakable act of barbarism.”

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“Sneak and Peek” Warrants Are Abused by Law Enforcement

Section 213 of the PATRIOT Act creates what is known as “sneak and peek” warrant. Law enforcement is authorized to conduct a search without first notifying the subject of the search. After 9/11, law enforcement insisted that this measure was necessary to investigate and prevent future terrorist attacks “without tipping off the terrorists.”

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Obama seeks to prolong power

The last month has provided a glimpse of how President Obama plans to maintain his relevance in Washington while facing lame-duck status and a Republican House and Senate.

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Not so strong after all! Defiant would-be reality TV star snaps OFF wheel clamp put on her tire by taking off after audition for Bad Girls Club

  • Chicquita Washington was auditioning for the show in Houston
  • She reversed out of the spot with the clamp on
  • While driving down the street, the clamp snaps off from the pressure
  • Bad Girls Club is about seven aggressive women sharing a house together 

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George W Bush dresses up as Santa to hand out toys at children’s hospital

  • The 68-year-old visited the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas on Saturday
  • He lives about two hours in Crawford
  • Former President made a surprise visit to the 9/11 Memorial last weekend 

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Protesters against Cuba-US plan gather in Miami

MIAMI (AP) — Waving flags and chanting “Obama, traitor,” anti-Castro protesters gathered Saturday in a Little Havana park in a show of opposition to the president’s plan to normalize relations with Cuba.

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Rand Paul, Marco Rubio Exchange Barbs Over Cuba Policy Changes

BBC Lets Its Moral Colors Show

Surprise: The Koch Brothers are Not Conservatives

Home » AIM Column » Surprise: The Koch Brothers are Not Conservatives

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Pentagon returns four Guantanamo detainees to Afghanistan

Published December 20, 2014

Replace ObamaCare by The Rule of Law

Merry Christmas! 5 Takeaways from Media Coverage of Christians in 2014

Gored or ignored, Christians can’t win with liberal media.

It’s the reason for the season, so naturally, attacks on Christianity tend to pick up around this time of year. The mocking and sacrilege gets a bit more pointed in the media. The sneering contempt from entertainers and lefty activists gets a bit thicker. 

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