Lois Lerner Playing the Victim Card

The saga of Lois Lerner, the IRS official who oversaw the unjust persecution of conservative and tea party organizations during the 2012 election, continues to be one of the most interesting and infuriating cases of political corruption in recent memory. After twice invoking the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying on what she knew and when she knew it, Ms. Lerner now faces the prospect of jail time, having been officially held in contempt of Congress and recommended for criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice.

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Krauthammer: Building the Keystone XL pipeline an ‘open and shut case’

FBI Takes Wendy Davis Documents But Scope of Probe Unclear

The FBI has control of documents related to Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis’ work while she was an attorney for the North Texas Tollway Authority, but it’s not certain whether the investigation is focusing on the Democratic lawmaker or if the items are just an overall part of the materials collected. Read More…

FreedomWorks Policy Update: Is HHS Hiding Latest ObamaCare Enrollment Data?

In the early months of the open enrollment period for the insurance exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), nobody in the Obama administration seemed to know how many people had actually signed up for the subsidized insurance plans being offered. This left a lot of experts and members of Congress curious given that the exchanges, after all, were Internet-based and must have had some sort of electronic record of usage and purchases. As bad as the technical problems were during the initial roll out of the ObamaCare exchanges, there was simply no way that these websites were built without a mechanism that tracked or could be used to track enrollment. Yet the administration remained persistent that they had no such data.

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Hawaii lawmakers agree to end police sex loophole

Hawaii lawmakers in both chambers agree that legal permission for police to have sex with prostitutes should end.

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Biden’s Son Beau to Run for Governor in Delaware

Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden and the current attorney general of Delaware, announced he will not seek re-election this fall and instead will pursue the office of governor. Read More…

Watch Tom Borelli Discuss EPA Fails to Disclose Risks in Human Testing on Wilkow TV

A lot of important things were happening in 2008. Banks were failing, jobs were being lost, and our economy was about to be pushed off a cliff. The problems our country faced in 2008 were grave, and have had lasting consequences even to this day. Luckily, while voters, politicians, and pundits wasted their time trying to select new leaders of government to tackle these problems, then-Congressman Mark Udall saw something different. In the midst of economy downturn, Congressman Udall and his taxpayer-funded congressional staff felt the best use of their time and resources was to write a bill to get Americans to stand up and actually do something! Literally, something—anything actually that made a person sweat. And they wanted the government to design a program and devote resources promoting it.

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Obama lying, Christie vying for 2016, new polls say

Rove: Midterm Elections Help 2016 GOP Hopefuls ‘Set Message’

The 2014 fall midterm election is important to 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls because it helps them begin to “set their message,” said GOP strategist Karl Rove. Read More…

US sending helmets, other non-lethal military aid to Ukraine

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Thursday that the U.S. will send more non-lethal military aid to Ukraine, as fighting with pro-Russian factions intensifies in the eastern part of the country. 

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The IRS Blinks

Back in November, on the eve of Thanksgiving when they thought nobody would notice, the IRS surreptitiously announced its proposal of a new regulation that would severely limit the ability of tax exempt to groups to participate in the political process. The proposal was short on specifics, but the regulation would have given the IRS the power to narrowly define what constitutes “social welfare” and “political activity,” qualities it says organizations must exhibit in order to qualify for tax exempt status.

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Former Iran official describes alleged US sabotage of nuke program


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