Trump-Like Candidate Running Against Rubio for Senate

Sen. Marco Rubio, newly focused on a re-election bid, is facing a political neophyte whose background, beliefs and allies seem to mirror those of Donald Trump – who drove Rubio from the GOP presidential primary after a decisive Florida win. Read More…

Clinton stretches lead over Trump to 14 points in national poll

50 Cent arrested in the Caribbean after using the word ‘motherf***er’ on stage

Rappers can cuss as much as they want in the US but it’s a different story in the Caribbean.

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Oregon refuge takeover is over, but aftershocks remain

Saudi Arabian Women Flock to Bumper Cars to Experience Driving

It’s a really interesting read over at the Wall Street Journal.

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Hating Little England

We are not used to thinking that a place like this — a pleasant town with a pretty center — might actually be hell. There is almost no poverty and only the occasional act of violence. There are good schools, a range of shops, a heritage railway. In fact, it’s somewhere that a lot of people, apparently, actively want to live: Houses in the center easily sell for upward of a million pounds. (What they will cost once the vote to leave the European Union makes the economy crater remains to be seen.)

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Trump camp scrambles to shape up before GOP convention

Trump Dines With Rupert Murdoch in Scotland Before Returning to US

Donald Trump had dinner Saturday with conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch at his golf course in Scotland before flying back to the United States. Read More…

Britain votes to leave European Union

Nicola Sturgeon announces she wants ‘immediate discussions’ to STAY in EU

The EU yesterday dealt a devastating blow to Nicola Sturgeon’s new bid for independence – by ruling out any prospect of Scotland retaining its EU membership when Britain leaves.

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Man serving term for Briton’s slaying gets 36-hour pass

EU Crackdown on Toasters, Kettles after Brexit Vote in UK

Talk about a PR disaster in Brussels:

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