Reviving Growth: A Cato Online Forum

In conjunction with the upcoming conference on the future of U.S. economic growth, the Cato Institute has organized a special online forum to explore possible avenues for pro-growth policy reforms. We have reached out to leading economists and policy experts and challenged them to answer the following question:

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Obama fires back at Boehner

President Obama took aim at Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Friday as he defended his executive action on immigration, saying the Republican leader had stood between giving “millions of people that chance to get right with the law.”

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NFL’s William Gay reveals moment he discovered his mother was shot dead

  • William Gay, 29, was just seven when his mom and dad were shot by his stepfather
  • The 1992 tragedy turned Gay into an advocate for women threatened by domestic violence
  • The NFL badly needs some positive PR in the wake of scandals involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson  

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In Responding To Obama’s Executive Action, Top GOPers Worry About Further Alienating Latino Voters

Networks won’t air Obama speech

Three major networks will not air President Obama’s prime-time address Thursday outlining his executive actions on immigration.

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Investigators may have recovered lost IRS emails

Published November 22, 2014

Should The U.S. Reconsider Its Policy Of Not Paying Ransom For Hostages?

There’s Little Evidence That Voter ID Laws Impacted The 2014 Elections

Republicans Start Overreaching: Ted Cruz’s Adaptation of Cicero’s First Catilinarian Not Directly Applicable

Harvard Doesn’t Like Asians? Lawsuit alleges Discrimination

Home » AIM Newswire » Harvard Doesn’t Like Asians? Lawsuit alleges Discrimination

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Dem anger flares over pregnant lawmaker

A meeting of House Democrats flared up on Tuesday over the increasingly thorny issue of whether a pregnant member should be allowed to vote from afar in the party’s leadership elections this week.

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No, the Solyndra Program Is Obviously Not Profitable

The Department of Energy, which gave us debacles like the Solyndra and Abound Solar bankruptcies, has put out a report claiming that its green-energy loan programs are turning a profit for taxpayers – a $ 5 billion profit, in fact. This claim was credulously reported by Bloomberg Businessweek, but don’t pop the Champagne yet: Tax Policy Center president and former acting CBO director Donald Marron takes apart this claim. The government’s “profit” calculations don’t even take into account the major expenses:

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