June 2016

Trump to Radio Host: ‘I Don’t See How I’m Not Leading’ in Polls

Donald Trump apparently doesn’t know why he’s trailing Hillary Clinton in recent presidential polls, according to an interview with radio host Mike Gallagher on Thursday, reports Politico. 

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Story of Christ to be released as a 90-minute VR film this Christmas

It is, according to some, the greatest story ever told, but soon you will be able to experience the life of Jesus for yourself in virtual reality.

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NRA Launches Pro-Trump Ad Featuring Benghazi Hero [Video]

The National Rifle Association

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Stephen Turley reads the Brexit results as a sign that Europe may be headed towards a more traditionalist future. Excerpts:

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Romney: I Won’t Vote for Trump or Clinton

Mitt Romney, the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee, said Wednesday he won’t vote for Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton in November, and might just write in his wife’s name, The Atlantic reports.

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FreedomWorks Urges Congress to Codify IRS

Following a report that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will return nearly $ 30,000 it wrongfully seized from Randy Sowers, a dairy creamery owner in Maryland, FreedomWorks Director of Communications Jason Pye commented:

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Photos of British troops on the eve of the Somme 100 years ago 

Compared with what was to follow, the weeks leading up to the bloodiest battle in British history were a gentle calm before the storm, as these astonishing 100-year-old photographs show.

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Obama Caused Orlando

The motive is there in black and white. This was one of a number of ISIS attacks. The roots of the Orlando attack lie in Iraq forcing us to dig down into Obama

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Trump Fires Back at McConnell: Hillary ‘Not Capable’

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump took issue with Sen. Mitch McConnell on Wednesday after his own party’s majority leader in the upper chamber called Democrat Hillary Clinton “capable” of being president.

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Federal Government Says a Farmer Broke the Law by Plowing His Land

Earlier this month a federal court in California ruled that a farmer plowing his land without a permit from the federal government is breaking the law. In 2013, the Army Corps of Engineers, without any notice or due process, ordered the owners of Duarte Nursery to cease use of their land for allegedly violating the […]

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